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About Us
About Us
Who are We?
  • cvmoon is part of the Clarity Web Advertising group.
  • cvmoon is a UK based company, which provides free on-line advertising to both job seekers seeking employment within the UK and to recruiters seeking to employ UK based staff.
Fundamental Principles
  • "Job Seekers CVs should always be freely accessible to every genuine recruiter in the UK"
  • "No one should have to pay to advertise a UK job vacancy on the Internet"
Our Goals
  • To help job seekers find their ideal employment by making their CV and details freely available to every company/recruiter in the UK.
  • To Provide Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies with the resources to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.
  • To see every Job Seeker and recruiter in the UK, make cvmoon their first step when either looking for their next job or to recruit new staff.
Our Philosophy
  1. Keep it simple. We strive to keep this site easy to understand and a pleasure to use.
  2. Uncluttered. Hopefully you have noticed the lack of unnecessary links, pictures, and other extraneous information often found on more cluttered web sites.
  3. Integrity and Honesty. We will be honest in everything we do. To the best of our ability, we will keep safe and not share or use your personal information without your consent.
  4. Keep the Customer informed. We will try to provide as much feedback to the Customer as possible e.g. CV Requested Counters.
  5. Provide good service and Value. We strive to be the best and we pledge to keep this service free!
Our Founder and CEO
 Learn about our founder and CEO, Mr Stuart Warbey. Click Here
Contact Us
 You can contact us by sending an email.  Send email

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