Technical FAQs
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  • Cookies - This Web site does Not use cookies.
Security FAQs
  • Data Protection - cvmoon is registered with the Information Commissioner under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, no. Z1046467.
  • Passwords - cvmoon uses one-way encryption to encrypt all users passwords, this means that even we do not know your password. If you forget your password, cvmoon will issue you with a new temporary password, which you can change to something more memorable when you next log on.
  • Cookies - For your security and privacy this site does not use cookies.
Email FAQs
  • Security Policy - Genuine emails from cvmoon are always in text format only and never contain attachments.
  • No Email - If you have waited for more than 24 hours for your login/password email from cvmoon, please check that the email has not been Spam filtered.
  • Missing Emails - If you are still not receiving any emails from cvmoon please email us Send email.
Candidate FAQs
  • Do you share my email address with anyone?
    Potential recruiters can only make initial contact with you via the cvmoon message forwarding service. This service protects both your email address and the possibility of receiving messages from potential recruiters via cvmoon, which could contain harmful viruses or scripts.
  • Do you share my personal details with anyone?
  • The only information we provide to potential recruiters is your job requirements and your provided CV. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you REMOVE any personal information from your CV before uploading to cvmoon, including but not limited to, your name, address, email address, passport details, National Insurance number, any financial details etc.
  • Can I extend/renew my advertisement?
    Yes, you can extend your advert at any time by clicking on the "Renew/Extend" button from your account control panel. Your advertisement will be extended for 30 days from today's date.
  • I have found a job, but still have time left to run on my advertisement, what should I do?
    You have 2 options. Option 1 - Use the "Pause" facility from your account control panel. Your advertisement will no longer be seen by recruiters, but you will still be able to re-activate your advertisement at any time until your account is removed, which will happen 7 days after your advertisement expires. Option 2 - Remove your account (and advertisement), which can be done from within your "Personal Details" section of your account control panel.
  • My "CV Requested Counter" is 0 or has a very low number, why?
    Are you being too restrictive in your preferences? Check your "new job specifications" under "Skills & Job Preferences" from your account control panel. Further, have you correctly detailed your "Key Skills" in the "skills and qualifications" section?
    What geographical are you really prepared to work within. Selecting just 5 or 10 miles from your postcode will severely restrict the number of potential recruiters that will match with you.
  • My "CV Requested Counter" has a reasonable number, but I have not had any or much contact from recruiters, why?
    Is your CV as good as it could be? You obviously have some good skills that recruiters are currently looking for, but don't forget that a good CV is the most powerful self-marketing tool you have and the manner in which you craft it can make the difference between achieving or not achieving that vital first contact with a potential recruiter.
Recruiter FAQs
  • Why can't I find any or many suitable candidates?
    Firstly, ensure your search criteria are not too restrictive; keep the "Required Key Skill(s)" field to the absolute minimum to meet your needs. Ensure you enter the postcode where you wish to fill the vacancy.
    Secondly, we recommend trying a search at least once a day, as we have advertisements from new candidates being added continually.
    Many candidates are very specific on where they would like to work and often only select a 5 or 10 mile radius from their chosen postcode, unless you have a vacancy within this geographical area you will not produce a match with this particular candidate.
  • I have emailed several potentially interesting candidates but have had no reply from them, why?
    We strongly encourage all candidates to reply to recruiters messages, we even provide a feature to send an anonymous polite "No thank you"; However it is not feasible to force an advertising candidate to reply to all messages and therefore unfortunately, you must assume that if you have not had a reply within a week that the candidate probably has no interest in your particular vacancy.

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