What is the cvmoon Web Site?

  • The Web site dedicated to advertising the CVs and associated skills of Job seekers actively seeking employment within the UK.
  • As a job seeker you simply detail your skills and qualifications and relevant experience, together with your CV and new job requirements including required salary and desired location.
  • Potential recruiters can then use the intelligent search facilities of our database to help them find you by matching their needs against your skills and requirements.
  • When a recruiter produces a match, they can then retrieve your CV to learn more about you.
  • Recruiters can contact you using the cvmoon message-forwarding feature. This is a text only email service that protects both your email address and your identity until you are happy to share these with an interested recruiter.
  • If you receive messages from recruiters that you are not interested in, you can send anonymous "No thank you" messages back to these recruiters by simply following a link contained in the initial email from the recruiter.
  • Achieving our goal will see every company in the UK make cvmoon their first step when looking to recruit new staff.
  • Why would any recruiter look elsewhere and pay large sums of money, if they can find you in cvmoon for FREE!