Why should I use the cvmoon Web Site?

  • Your CV will be freely available to every potential UK recruiter. This means that all companies large or small can use this site to help them find you and recruit you for FREE.
  • No other method makes your CV as accessible to every UK recruiter as cvmoon.
  • Suitable candidates found on cvmoon are more likely to be successful in being recruited than candidates found elsewhere, because there is no cost to the recruiter.
  • Traditional recruitment methods can either cost the recruiter a percentage of the agreed final salary of the successful candidate, which can vary from as much as 5% to 30+%, or recruiters have to pay to view a limited number of CVs or candidates contact details; this is typically what happens when you are offered the ability to register your CV for free.
  • Ensure that you are ONLY contacted by recruiters looking for YOUR:
    1. Skills and qualifications.
    2. Salary expectations.
    3. Preferred geographical area.
    4. Specific requirements.
  • See how many times your CV has been requested by recruiters, with your own personal CV requested counter.
  • You can choose to remain anonymous. Potential recruiters can only make initial contact with you via the cvmoon message-forwarding feature; we do not share your personal details or email address.