21st Century Recruitment starts here

  • cvmoon creates and supports an "Open Access" philosophy to recruitment. A single place for Job Seekers to register their CV and for Recruiters to advertise their Job vacancies, where all relevant parties can find, access and make contact without any cost or further commitment.
  • cvmoon is very different, we don't charge anyone to access CVs or to make contact with candidates, which means that you can find and if suitable recruit for free.
  • cvmoon also supports free Job advertisements for All UK recruiters. Most Job board sites charge recruiters to advertise their vacancies; this often prevents many "Key Worker" and some lower paid jobs from ever being listed on the Internet.
  • So how does cvmoon make any money?
    We make money by providing premium services to compliment the Free services which are available to everyone.

  • Our fundamental principles are:
    1. "Job Seekers CVs should always be freely accessible to every recruiter in the UK"
    2. "No one should have to pay to advertise a UK job vacancy on the Internet"

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